MIC-ZF1 Automatic press cap machine
MIC-ZF1 Automatic press cap machine
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Put all caps into the cap vibrating plate, the cap along the loading cap tunnel placed in the bottle mouth ordered.
Adjust the speed governor can change vibrating cap speed.
After the cap be placed in the right position of the bottle mouth, use press cap head to press cap.
This machine easy operation and adjustable easy.
Press Head 1 head
Suitable Cap Diameter Can according to customer different cap diameter customize the press cap head)
Production Speed 1000-2000 Bph
Voltage 220v/380v
Power 1.0Kw
Capping Error ≤±1
Work Pressure 0.55Mpa-0.65Mpa
Size 1600mm × 1100mm× 1700mm
Weight 400kg
Touch Screen Canada xinjie the Color Screen
PLC Programmable Schneider Electric
Solenoid Valve AIRTAC
Photovoltaic Systems Japan Aopu Shi
Millisecond Switch Netherlands
Gas Processing Taiwan AIRTAC
Buttons and Other low-voltage Electrical Schneider
Air Source Taiwan AirTAC
Servo Motor TaiWan TECO
Press Cap Air Cylinder ZheJiang ShengDa
Clamp Bottle Air Cylinder Taiwan AirTAC
Material And material contact parts are made of 316 stainless steel, the other main components of 304 stainless steel
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